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Customers love to get their haircut from Mello because-

  • I am honest and with me its not just about the money.

  • Some clients before meeting Mello were dealing with going from shop to shop, barber to barber, looking for QUALITY work.

  • Others were tired of waiting HOURS  just to get their edge up pushed back.

  • Why bring your kids to a unprofessional environment when you don't have too?

  • Mello will solve all of your barbering  problems that you are experiencing. All I need is one shot and you got yourself a new barber...

Many people in Houston switch to Mello as their barber because they want to have a barber that they can rely on in clutch situations. They want a barber who is up to date on the latest hairstyles, education and most importantly a Barbers license.

My clients expect the same consistency cut after cut. They want to receive a quality service, conversation and inlightenment in a timely professional manner. Our expectations of each other requires accountability on both ends. Therefore TOGETHER teamwork makes the dream work!

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Some words from the clients

  • If you're looking for a baber that keeps it professional and wanna feel like you're getting a celebrity cut this is the man you wanna go to every time the hair cuts are always on point!

    Trezz M.

  • He's great at his skill... great atmosphere in the barber shop... he is on time and no long waits.... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MELLO!

    Brittany M.

  • Mello was able to give the perfect haircut by just looking instead of me telling him.

    Tara C.

  • One of the most crispy and precise cuts I've gotten..exactly how I wanted it..mellow the barber the truth

    Ron H.

  • Quality cut and not a long wait. Definitely recommend

    Lacey M.

Do You...

  • Want Latest Hairstyles 
  • Consistency 
  • Sanitary
  • Professionalism 

About Mello White

I'd rather not give you a book about myself here, because that will spoil the surprise. But I am 28 years old and I have been cutting for 9 years now. I feel like I am the best because I'm not in competition with no other barber. I am my own brand in my own lane. My haircuts are original with there own flavor. I have a passion to get you lookin right to go take on the world. A good day starts with a good cut.

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